Lean & Safety

How many injuries happen every year in your company?

In 2009, in United States, 4551 people died due to work related fatalities. In my opinion, this is a very important reason to be concerned. But not everyone thinks this way. A lot of executives say that they had bad luck, they blame people for not being able to work correctly without hurting themselves. They never blame the internal management processes…

“What other things I had to tell to that guy? He should have been careful!”, these are the usual excuses when an injury occur.

“Now we need to double our work because that guy need to stay at home for 30 days, doing nothing”, is the talking of an entrepreneur when injury is curable.

“And now the government inspectors will come to control everything here! Do we have all the documents? Call our consultant and verify with him that we’ll not have any problems, I don’t want any fines here!”, is the words of the same entrepreneur when injury becomes more serious.

“And now, we’ll need to close our factory, everyone go home…”, when an injury has fatal consequences and safety regulations are completely unattended…

Entrepreneurs think that injuries happen, that they are inevitable. They are take as facts and entrepreneurs think about managing them only to limit economic loss for their company. That’s why they update all their OSHA compliance documents, they ask workers to sign on forms for participating in the training courses (so they can defend themselves in front of the law…), even though these courses are generic, made in conference room, and never describe real work situations and conditions that workers meet every day. And rarely they cause a real improvement of safety conditions inside the company.

What really counts is to have all the documents, right?

They never think however, that practically all injuries can be avoided. How is that possible? Through a serious prevention management using lean thinking principles.

And now I introduce you Lean&Safety ebook. This ebook is thought for entrepreneurs, but if workers and intermediate managers read it, it wouldn’t be that bad…

What will you find inside?

You’ll find fundamentals to set safety culture inside your organization.

You’ll find answers to the following, continually recurring questions:

Why injuries happen?
How can we prevent them?
How can we manage prevention?
and lots of others.

Why should we consider buying this ebook?

It is a book which ask difficult questions and gives logical, lean, answers, explained through comprehensive examples and simulations, which explain concepts and principles.

It will explain you what is the main cause of injuries, how we can make it irrelevant and use it to our advantage to avoid injuries occurring in the future. And in order to understand them better, it will take you through a simulation that you can try at your home or work, with all the supplies you already have in this precise moment…

Afterwards, it will explain you why this factor alone is not enough, but you need to go deeper, to study and observe your management and leadership processes, to obtain what should be everyones goal: ZERO INJURIES.

In your opinion, is it possible to attain this goal?

This ebook will give you the answer to that question too…

Hint: continuous improvement never finishes…

What our customers say?

Ugo Fonzar (studiofonzar.com):

I wanted to discover a new approach for safety management. And this ebook helped me a lot in discovering, understanding and improving the concept of leadership inside companies. I discovered a new point of view.

I recommend absolutely this ebook to everyone who wants to improve culture management in their factories.

Great job Dragan!

Product description

This ebook is 57 pages long, and it reads in a couple of hours. But I guarantee you that you’ll be referring to it and reading it time and time again!

Its uniqueness is that there is no books that talk about work related safety and prevention management with such a practical approach. I wanted to give it such an approach to differentiate myself from other books which talk about the application of specific law regulations, without ever entering the shop floor.

This book is written for who lives in gemba… It is written to make you think and reflect on principles, but without giving you prefabricated solutions. It was thought to make you think about your processes and observe them with different eyes than before. And to improve them by consequence. It will not give you answers regarding only safety, you will understand all the concepts that make lean thinking the most powerful tool to obtain more productivity, in absolute safety, from your actual processes…

Its cost is ridicule (€15), it costs like a pizza in a restaurant…

But the benefit it will give you is at least 100x greater. Even in short term…

In order to buy it is enough to press the ADD TO CART button below and/or in the sidebar above. The purchase is managed by one of the safest and known systems for electronic payment, PayPal. I wanted to use the best in order to guarantee you the maximum security for your online purchases, which somebody still considers insecure, but have now entered into our daily practices.

You can also buy it too, through PayPal, with your credit or prepaid card.

Encob doesn’t manage directly or indirectly your bank account data, which are under PayPal supervision (we don’t even see them – we just deliver the product sold through this payment system). But I can guarantee you that these systems are reliable and secure…

Technical features

Ebook is a PDF file. It is not a hardcover book but an ebook which you can read (and eventually print) on your computer. It is graphically friendly, it will not make your eyes tired with very small characters, it is full of images which describe concepts and examples inside.

Delivery of the ebook is through Internet. Once you click on the BUY NOW button, you’ll be taken to the page where you’ll see all the details about your purchase and you will be prompted to proceed with the purchase by selecting the best option for your scope: through your PayPal account balance or through your credit card.

Once completed the purchase, you will be redirected to the Thank You page where you’ll be able to download the file to your computer. If you are still not able to do it, I ask you to Contact me immediately to solve your problem. Answer is guaranteed within 24 hours from when I receive your email. Download is made by clicking on the link and download starts automatically. Alternatively, you can click on the link with the right mouse button and select Save as…

PDF files can be read on any OS. You need to have however a software to read them, e.g. Adobe Reader, freely available on Adobe site.

If you have any other problem, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m at your disposal whenever you need me.

Purchase link

Finally, here is the purchase link:

I remember you, the cost of the product is €15 (€15 equals to approximately $22 at the time of writing). Don’t let this occasion runs by, there is no guarantee that this cost will stay so low in the future too…

I wish everyone good reading and learning of lean concepts and principles applied to work related safety management. And I hope to meet you all, in your companies, to demonstrate me how you have used this manual to achieve your goal of Zero Injuries!

ing. D. Bosnjak

encob.net Admin and CEO