Curious Cat Management Improvement Carnival: Annual Roundup 2013 – Gemba Coach by Michael Ballé

John Hunter has asked me again this year to participate, and for me it is a great honor and privilege, in the global examination of best blogs and online resources in management improvement, in particular lean thinking.

Each year John publishes the roundup of best blogs, and you can find all the previous years articles on the Curious Cat website here. Or browse the entire blog review category here.

I have agreed with John to evaluate two of the blogs from Lean Enterprise Institute, one individual and of enormous value for its readers, Gemba Coach by Michael Ballé, and one collective The Lean Post where the name of the game is collaboration and sharing of ideas (and some fun too…).

Today is the turn of Gemba Coach, and tomorrow will be the turn of The Lean Post.

Why did I choose Gemba Coach and what does Gemba Coach mean to me?

I choose to evaluate Gemba Coach because, when I first read The Lean Manager and The Gold Mine, co-authored by Michael Ballé, I knew that Michael could be my online sensei, and I started following Gemba Coach since the first ever post published. And I wasn’t wrong. The articles are all full of profound, gemba knowledge, and never banal. In the last year I have shared practically all of his articles on my personal G+ page with some comments of mine and I will just resume some of them here:

Now you have it for some 3-4 hours of reading and learning from one of the best online gemba’s in the world…

Thanks Michael for sharing your ideas with all of us and I hope it will continue for many years in the future!


Ciao, sono Dragan Bosnjak e sono qui per guidarti nella scoperta del mondo di lean thinking!

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  • Michael Ballé Gen 15, 2014, 12:44 pm

    Wow! Thanks, I’m flattered (and thankful :)). I was listening recently to Guy Kawasaki on seeking the space of Unique/Value. I feel Gemba Coach is quirky enough to get high grades on unique :), but it’s very hard to have any idea as to perceived value, so thank you for the kind words!

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