Lean & Safety ebook: now available in English!

Oggi sono contentissimo di pubblicare la versione in inglese del mio primo ebook, Sicurezza Lean. Pertanto scriverò questo articolo in inglese, solo per i miei amici/lettori anglosassoni… 😉

Hi everyone! I’m very glad to publish today my first english lean ebook. It is called Lean&Safety and it is a translation of my italian ebook Sicurezza Lean.

What will you find inside? I invite you to check my sales page for all the details.

This book talks about lean thinking and its application to work related safety. But it doesn’t give you specific solutions for your problems. It explains general principles.

It doesn’t give you answers. It asks you difficult questions. And you need to find answers. In your environment.

It gives you guidelines upon which to build your knowledge and your competence regarding the application of lean principles to work related safety.

For experienced lean practitioners it might seem quite elementary, but for people who are starting their lean journey, it might prove invaluable.

It serves to open your eyes, to start understanding your company’s processes and culture. And it can help you build one, if you don’t yet have a well defined safety or corporate identity…

It explains you the little known secrets of lean leadership, necessary to develop a world class safety in your organization.

So don’t miss it, go straight to the sales page and purchase your copy of Lean & Safety NOW!


Ciao, sono Dragan Bosnjak e sono qui per guidarti nella scoperta del mondo di lean thinking!

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